Having problems
with condensation between your
Double glazed

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Misted or Steamy Windows

Misting of double glazed windows occurs when the internal seal that 'welds' the two panes of glass together fails. There are many reasons why the seal can fail but in our experience a few of the main reasons that can cause a failure are:
Windows facing South
Displaced window packers
Poor installation
Blocked frame drainage
Poor Manufacture
Shrunken Gaskets
Cracked Unit
Homemade window packers
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Drafty Windows

More often than not a draft coming through a window happens when the hinges fail. When the hinges fail the opening sash no longer seals tight against the frame when closed and this is what causes the drat (and noise). With the right tools this is normally a simple fix which can be complete from start to finish within half an hour.
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Broken Door Handles

Door handles are used daily and sooner or later they will become problematic. Common faults with UPVC door handles include tarnishing, snapping and becoming floppy. Sometimes floppy door handles can be caused by the main locking mechanism failing as well (worst case scenario).
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